Over 25 Years Experience

Northeast Casket Sales, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Joe Salvatori Sr. and is now headed by his son Peter Salvatori.

Joe grew up in the casket industry by working with his father John Salvatori, not as a sales and distribution company but as a manufacturer of wood and metal caskets for Nationwide Casket Company. In 1991 Joe decided to break off on his own and change his focus from building the caskets to selling and distributing them to local funeral homes. Joe originally started in the Scranton area and over the years expanded the business across 4 counties.

In the year 2000 Peter officially joined Northeast Casket Sales, Inc. as a sales representative. In that role, Peter helped grow the company and introduce several different methods of merchandising caskets. These changes have made a significant difference in how people select funeral products for their loved ones who have passed. In 2007 Peter took a more significant role in the operation and management of the Northeast Casket Sales. In that role Peter has streamlined inventory and improved the delivery process. In 2013 Peter took full control of Northeast Casket Sales and continues to serve funeral homes while keeping the core principles of Quality, Price and Service that Northeast Casket Sales, Inc. was built.